At AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® we install sump pumps to either evacuate water under your basement floor, or as an integral part of an interior perimeter drain / weeping tile system. When peace of mind and fail safe solutions are important, we also install battery backup sump pump systems providing the highest level of protection available; recommended for situations where primary sump pump failure would be catastrophic or undetected for extended periods of time.

Cast iron 1/3 hp submersible sump pump with float switch and installed check valve

 Cast iron sump pump with check valve installed in discharge line

 Sump pump with backup pump installed

 Sump pump with backup pump installed up higher

For more information on sump pumps in general, we have a dedicated page on our website, click the hyperlink to view the page on sump pumps.

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Sump Pumps Evacuate Water Beneath Basement Floors

While floor drains are the standard means by which water in a basement is disposed of, there are times when sump pump installation is essential; for example, when a high water table around your home causes water to rise from beneath the basement floor resulting in what appears to be a basement leak. In the image on the left below you can see that upon opening a basement floor we found a significant amount of water there. When water is present you know for sure that the water table is high.

Water beneath the basement floor from a high water table could be the root cause of water in your basement

A high water table looks like a lake beneath the basement floor

A high water table can be addressed by a perforated sump pump liner

A perforated sump pump liner capturing water that is under the floor


The following illustration depicts how a high water table can push water up through cracks in the concrete basement floor as well as through the joint between the floor slab and the foundation wall.

Water beneath the basement floor can introduce significant water into the basement

Installing a sump pump to collect water that is pooling beneath your basement floor is a very effective means of minimizing water in your basement, lowering basement humidity levels in general, and it is really the only way to fix a water table related basement leak. If there is no evidence that a basement leak originates from a foundation wall it is very possible that the water in your basement originates from beneath the basement floor.

Given the water table tends to rise significantly during heavy rains, or when snow melts, we disagree with contractors that use the gravel layer beneath your basement floor as a dry well to drain water from leaking basement cracks.


 Downloadable document on questions to ask during basement waterproofing quotes


Sump Pumps - An Integral Part Of a Weeping Tile System

Sump pumps are often installed in newly constructed homes to capture and evacuate water collected by the weeping tile installed along the footing on the exterior of the foundation; this application for a sump pump is quite common. In fact, the City of Toronto has subsidies in place for the installation of sump pumps to collect water from your weeping tile in order to divert the water from flowing into the city storm drain / sanitary sewer infrastructure.

If you have an old sump pump or the pump has failed it should be replaced with a modern version that is likely to be quieter, more powerful and more effective. Call us today at 1.888.284.2384 we can install a brand new sump pump, sump liner, etc in less than a day. Don't forget to ask us about our discrete discharge line installation.

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Sump Pumps Used As Part Of an Interior Waterproofing System

We also install sump pumps as a key feature of our internal de-watering / perimeter drain system.

Perimeter drain pipes are connected to sump pump liner into which the water drains A submersible sump pump located on the bottom of the sump liner mechanically evacuates water up the discharge line when water reaches a preset level in the sump pump liner

Follow this hyperlink for more information on our website on the subject of internal perimeter drainage systems.

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