The challenge of parking garage ceiling slab cracks

Leaks in underground parking garages onto parking spots are a real headache for property managers. Fortunately these leaks are inexpensively repaired by parking garage crack injection without dealing with membrane replacement above ground.

Image of underground parking garage

Underground parking garages present unique waterproofing challenges

Why parking garage ceiling slab cracks are a problem

Leaking cracks in the overhead slab of the underground parking garage will usually drip minerals onto the paint of the vehicle beneath it. Unless the mineral deposits are removed immediately they are virtually impossible to remove afterwards. In this situation property managers are faced with costly paint repairs to vehicles and irate parking spot owners. Fortunately, filling the cracks by polyurethane crack injection is a time proven effective solution for this problem.

Watch how an injection is done:


The secret to success with this injection crack repair is the acid flushing which precedes the injection. Without the acid flushing you will not get the desired outcome.

The need to repair cracks in underground parking garages is not solely dictated by damage to parked vehicles. Underground parking garage cracks are often subject to salts from driveways and other paved areas above. These salts hasten the deterioration of the concrete and ultimately lead to expensive restorative repairs. Also, corroding rebar creates cracks which continue to expand with ongoing corrosion.

Risks associated with parking garage ceiling slab injections

As effective as parking garage crack injections are, the injection process requires drilling to create channels in which to pump material. So the drilling is an integral part of successful crack injection but there is always a risk to infrastructure buried within the concrete slab. There is no way to drill precisely into the slab even if the slab is scanned for embedded infrastructure. Injection technician experience and expertise is of crucial importance for these types of concrete crack repairs.

Parking garage crack injection pricing

The cost of parking garage injections is primarily determined by the length of the crack and crack accessibility. When there are multiple areas in need of injection we provide pricing on a per linear foot basis.

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