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The internet has increasingly become the place of choice for most people looking for information on basement waterproofing related topics. The amount of information is so abundant that finding the information you are looking is often frustrating and very time consuming.

In this post we provide you with a concise listing of the different types of basement leaks and what the applicable basement waterproofing methods are for each foundation type; as well as helpful tips.

The basement waterproofing method used must address the root cause of the problem

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There are many possible ways in which water finds its way into your basement; consequently, the basement waterproofing methods chosen must be specific to the cause of your wet basement problem for any repair to be an effective one. Variables such as crack size, basement leak location, the presence of moisture in a crack or on the surface of the wall, accessibility of the area to be repaired, the source of the basement leak, the existence of prior waterproofing repairs and your foundation type are some of the many factors that have a bearing on the most appropriate wet basement repair solutions or foundation sealing methods.

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In order to wisely choose the best wet basement repair methods it is important that you work with our experienced technicians to select the most effective solution for your specific wet basement issue. In the table below we have summarized typical sources of basement leaks, the available basement waterproofing methods / wet basement solutions, as well as the relative cost of each type of method.

Exclamation markThere are both interior and exterior repair options available for virtually every type of basement leak.


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Tip graphicIt is important to keep in mind that some basement waterproofing companies sell proprietary waterproofing systems; it follows that they will attempt to sell you their system. It is our view that you would be better served by a waterproofing company that offers all available wet basement solutions as opposed to proprietary basement waterproofing systems. We are firm in this belief because basement waterproofing should be done in a way that is best for your budget, your foundation, and the nature of the problem that you are experiencing.

In this article we present, in tabular format, all of the available repair options for basement leaks parsed by foundation type. To get started, click on one of the hyperlinks below that corresponds to the type of foundation that you have.

Poured concrete
Concrete block / cinderblock
All foundation types


Wet basement repair methods classified by foundation type:

Poured Concrete Foundation leak repair methods

Problem Causing Basement Leak

Available Repair Solutions

Crack is leaking

Epoxy crack injection or polyurethane crack injection $ or exterior excavation & crack repair $$$

Expansion joint leakage

Polyurethane injection $$ or external excavation and waterproofing $$$

Tie-rod hole leakage

Polyurethane injection $ or external excavation and waterproofing $$$$

Snap-rod leakage

Epoxy injection or polyurethane injection $

Cracked overhead structures

Polyurethane crack injection $ - $$$$ depending on scope of work

Leakage from drilled hole

Polyurethane injection $

Leakage from honeycombing

Polyurethane injection $ or external excavation and waterproofing $$$$

Leakage from a pipe penetration

Polyurethane injection and conduit caulking application from inside or outside, based on accessibility $ - $$$

Leakage at I-beam cut-out

Polyurethane injection $ or excavation & application of waterproof membrane $$

Leakage between window frame and foundation

Caulking around window frame $, and/or window well drain installation $$

Leakage from an existing crack repair

Polyurethane crack injection $ or external excavation and waterproofing & crack repair $$$

Leakage between porch slab and foundation wall

Caulking (if possible) $, or application of a membrane over the joint where the slab contacts the wall $$$$

Water leaking from the top of the foundation wall

Landscaping $$$ and/or caulking $, or tuck pointing $ - $$, depending on the situation

Structural reinforcement / stabilization of a wall crack

Installation of carbon fiber staples $

High water table / Water coming up from beneath the basement floor

Sump pump installation $$

Concrete Block / Cinderblock Foundation leak repair methods

Problem Causing Basement Leak

Available Repair Solutions

Drilled hole and/or mortar joint seepage

Interior weeping tile system $$$$ or external excavation and waterproofing $$$$$$$$

Step cracking or minor bowing of the wall

Internal or external waterproofing and Installation of carbon fiber straps $$$$

Water entering basement from beneath the floor due to a high water table

Sump pump installation $$

Stone Foundation leak repair methods

Problem Causing Basement Leak

Available Repair Solutions

Drilled hole and/or mortar joint seepage

Interior weeping tile system $$$$ or external excavation and waterproofing $$$$$$$$

All Foundations

Problem Causing Basement Leak

Available Repair Solutions

Leakage between bottom of window frame and foundation or leakage through the window

Window well replacement $ and sometimes Window well drain installation $$


Planning on fixing the leak on your own?

Repairing leaking basement walls, from inside the home, using surface treatments such as hydraulic cement, rubberized coatings, sealants, and tar, are not recommended by professional waterproofing contractors because such basement waterproofing methods ultimately cause deterioration of concrete and mortar joints. The deterioration occurs because trapped water saturates naturally porous concrete; consequently, the moisture within damp concrete walls, that are exposed to freezing temperatures, expands approximately 9%. This expansion causes spalling, crack growth, and long-term deterioration of the foundation. Prolonged exposure of a foundation to ice, and water saturation, can result in foundation failure and/or the weakening of the foundation.


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