So you've decided you need window well covers...


The value of installing window well covers

Any homeowner with trees anywhere near their property knows that leaves and other wind blown debris ends up in their window wells in no time flat. Water in a window well is supposed to be able to drain; like a food clogged sink, a window well full of plastic bags, newspaper and leaves will certainly not drain efficiently, if at all.

Why window well covers make sense:

  • They keep debris out of the window well;
  • They keep animals from nesting in the window well;
  • They prevent small children from falling into the window well; and
  • They prevent rain from falling directly into the window well.

Is there a difference in the quality of window well covers?

Typically homeowners look to big box stores for plastic window well covers - often referred to as "thin bubble covers". Those window well covers are "one-size-fits-all" and may or may not fit well, and they are made of plastic which becomes brittle or breaks in a few short years. Also, when fastened to brick walls using screws, these window well covers will crack / break easily if they are lifted to be opened. And then, when the window well is broken, you have to throw out a very large piece of plastic which is a pain and not very "green" as they typically aren't recycled.

Thin bubble plastic window well cover

Fortunately it is possible to have custom sized window well covers installed which last a long time, are hinged and look great.

A window well made with plexiglass can withstand the weight of an adult


The window well cover above is hinged at the wall for easy effortless opening and is custom fitted to your window well. Believe or not, if you measure your identically sized window wells around your home you will find variations in the measured sizes; this makes it necessary to custom size each window well.


Low profile window well covers

Main features of these high quality window well covers:

  • The window well covers are made from thick durable polycarbonate material, designed to withstand Canadian freeze/thaw cycles.  The same material is used as the glass in hockey rinks!
  • These covers do not crack, yellow or rust.
  • They can be custom made in virtually any size.
  • They are hinged for easy opening and closing.

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