Unfortunately wet basements are a fact of life in all but the most arid environments. When there are heavy rains or rapid snow melts, homeowners will often notice that there is water seeping into the basement, usually through the foundation walls. Fortunately, the majority of these basement leaks can be quickly and inexpensively fixed.

What matters the most with respect to wet basement repairs is understanding where the leak is coming from and then determining how best to fix the leak given the situation and your budget.

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What are the most common wet basement repairs?

We've been in the basement waterproofing business since 2002 so we've seen our share of wet basements and basement leaks. In general, most leaks in poured concrete foundations are the result of leaking foundation cracks and most leaks in concrete block foundations are caused by water seepage through cracked mortar joints between the blocks. Nothwithstanding, we receive many calls pertaining to overflowing window wells and leaks in cold cellars.

The most common methods used to permanently fix wet basement problems are: foundation crack injection and exterior basement waterproofing.

When does it cost alot to fix a wet basement?

There are two factors that determine what it will cost to fix a leaking basement:

  1. The extent to which the basement has to be waterproofed; and
  2. The waterproofing method that is used.

In general, most basement leaks are confined to relatively small areas within a basement. Obviously, if you waterproof an entire basement it will cost much more than if you simply stop the leak where the problem is. Foundation cracks are a good example of this; for a few hundred dollars you can stop a crack from leaking. However, if you waterproof an entire basement wall, or the home for that matter, then you are increasing the cost quite significantly.

How you choose to waterproof (ie. repair the crack from inside or excavate the wall on the outside) drives the cost considerably. In general the cheapest, and nonetheless effective, way of fixing a basement leak is by dealing with the source of the leak exclusively and by avoiding excavation, if at all possible.


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