At AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® we are well known among homeowners, waterproofing contractors, renovation contractors, and property managers in the Greater Toronto Area, and surrounding areas, as the "Foundation Crack Injection Specialists" because we are the indisputable leaders in the domain of pressurized injection services for concrete foundation crack repair / foundation crack injection in both residential and commercial applications.

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Our technicians are veritable specialists in both epoxy crack injection and polyurethane injection for four key reasons:

  • We use the latest technologies and techniques;
  • We use highly customized equipment;
  • We use a variety of epoxies and polyurethanes that are the most appropriate for a given application; and 
  • Our technicians undergo rigorous training before they can qualify to become journeymen and injection technicians.

Exclamation markIt's a fact, some of our competitors call us to do their foundation crack repairs and basement waterproofing in situations that they just can't seem to resolve.

With 1000's of successful injections behind us, we have proven that we are able to handle the concrete foundation crack in your wet basement or any other cracked concrete underground structure.



What is a foundation crack injection?

Crack injection involves concrete crack repair and basement waterproofing techniques which are only applicable to poured concrete foundations and structures. Crack injection, or foundation crack injection, is used in the following applications:

• To repair concrete cracks of virtually any size in poured concrete foundation walls;
• To permanently repair actively leaking foundation cracks;
• To repair foundation cracks that have been previously repaired by injection or some other basement waterproofing technique; and
• The repair of cracked poured concrete structures in general.

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How does crack injection work to fix concrete cracks in foundations? 

Foundation crack injection involves the pressurized injection of either epoxy or polyurethane resin into a foundation crack; these injections are referred to as epoxy crack injection and polyurethane crack injection. The injection pressures ensure that cracks are filled through the entire thickness of a foundation wall which is typically 8" or 20cm thick, thereby effectively eliminating the crack and keeping water on the exterior of the foundation where it belongs so that you no longer have water in your basement. This type of concrete crack repair is all that is needed to accomplish basement waterproofing when a poured concrete crack is leaking, or if there is a concern that an existing crack may leak in the future. Pressurized crack injection is also the most economical means by which to repair a wet, leaky poured concrete basement; in reality, it is rarely necessary to excavate a poured concrete foundation wall.

Excavating and waterproofing a foundation is expensive and destructive. Crack injection is an effective and inexpensive way to put an end to foundation leaks and that wet basement; click to read all about the effectiveness of crack injection.

The following images depict the typical appearance of crack injections:

Epoxy crack injection in progress Polyurethane injection in progress Injected polyurethane expanding through a crack repair done using hydraulic cement

Is crack injection more effective than other foundation crack repair methods?

There are other proprietary methods used to fix leaking foundation cracks. Given the propensity for the water table to rise significantly during heavy prolonged rains, we disagree with contractors that use the gravel layer beneath your basement floor as a dry well for leaking foundation cracks to drain into. Click on this link to view an example of that type of "crack repair". Furthermore, the Government of Ontario has a specification for concrete crack repair that specifies injection as the method to use for the repair of concrete cracks. Click to view the Government's concrete crack repair specification.

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For more detailed information on crack injections consult our Poured Concrete Foundation Waterproofing section.

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