Discovered a Basement Leak?

Since you are reading this page you are probably a homeowner who just noticed evidence of a basement leak that might look like one of the images below, and now you are forced to deal with the water in your basement and getting the problem fixed. To compound the problem further, it is probably the first time you find yourself in this situation.

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Like most consumers, you may have already spent hours of your precious time searching the numerous websites and blogs on the internet to get information about basement leaks, and perhaps information on one of many of the issues related to basement waterproofing in general.


Visual Evidence Confirming The Presence of Basement Leaks

Leaking crack in basement
Foundation crack with efflorescence
Mouldy drywall from basement leak
Mold growing on drywall
Water on floor from a basement leak
Concrete crack leaking onto floor

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Given the vast amount of content on the internet related to basement waterproofing, it can be very difficult and frustrating to quickly find relevant and factual information. To save you time and to tangibly prove our unwavering commitment to customer service, we have done this research for you. To this end we have either authored relevant content you want to know now, or we have published links to authoritative websites with information you can trust.

If you need help with the terminology used on our site search our comprehensive glossary of waterproofing related terms.

Helpful links to information on basement leaks and waterproofing

Below are some hyperlinks to pages on this website likely to be of greatest value to you at this point in time:

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  8. General waterproofing and health related links
  9. What basement waterproofing costs

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Knowledge is Power!

The links provided above contain only the most basic information a homeowner must have when initially faced with a leak in the basement. However, that information represents a very small portion of the body of knowledge related to basement waterproofing. This website is designed to be your final destination on the web; consequently, we continually strive to provide you with all the information you will ever need with respect to foundation waterproofing and related issues, ultimately to empower you to make informed decisions concerning how to proceed with foundation leaks and their repair. Content on this website is added and updated frequently so we recommend that you follow us using any of the social media channels offered on this page.

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