The Property Manager - Waterproofing Contractor Partnership

We've observed over the years that the role of Property Manager can be difficult at the best of times because all problems among the properties you manage ultimately fall onto your shoulders. Having to deal with a heavy workload, including difficult clients and complex problems make it necessary for Property Managers to work with many different trades. Unfortunately, dealing with trades is all too often an additional source of frustration due to your dependance upon these trades, purportedly experts, for the best solutions to problems, prompt and professional service, quality work and reasonable pricing.

Many would surely agree that today's reality is that good help is hard to find; once you have found a good, reliable contractor you call upon them for years because you have learned that you can count on them; this implies that they are "Professional". At AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® we take the view that you should be able to call us and forget about your problem because you know you have left it in good hands. This situation is ideal because you can rely on having a particular issue completely resolved without having to micromanage the process. Many Registered Condominium Managers (RCM) call upon us to resolve water leakage issues in the buildings, units and parking garages they manage.

This Property Management Support Centre was specifically created to provide Property Managers with all necessary basement and underground structure waterproofing information and resources in a single location on the internet.

Our Waterproofing Services

Since we specialize in the diagnosis and repair of foundation and parking garage water infiltration problems, we have the experience required to accurately determine the exact source of any leak and the skills and techniques required to correct the problem the first time. Our basement waterproofing and leak repair services are as follows:

  1. Injection
    1. Crack injection;
    2. Other injection services:
      1. Leaking tie-rod holes;
      2. Leaking snap rods;
      3. Leaking I-beam pockets;
      4. Leaking penetrations through foundation walls for electrical conduits, gas lines, air conditioning lines and pipes;
      5. Expansion joints;
      6. Honeycombing;
      7. Pool bottoms where access is available;
      8. Seams created by a cold pour;
      9. Over head concrete structures, such as parking garages and poured concrete ceilings; and
      10. Gaps beneath the window frame and the top of the concrete wall cut-out.
  2. External waterproofing;
  3. Interior weeping tile / interior perimeter drain systems;
  4. Sump pump installation;
  5. Foundation wall reinforcement;
  6. Window well drain installation;
  7. Thermal imaging and leak detection; and
  8. General foundation inspection and reporting.


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Property Manager Education Hyperlinks

There is no doubt that knowledge is power. We know that you are busy and need information immediately when faced with problems; the following list of hyperlinks was included to provide you with rapid access to reference information specific to your needs. We recommend that you share them with your clients and colleagues; you can also increase traffic to your website by adding some or all of these hyperlinks to it:

How to confirm the existence of a basement leak or a leak in an underground structure

Available waterproofing methods and their relative cost

Finding the source of a leak

Important aspects of weatherproofing and landscaping

Waterproofing poured concrete structures

Waterproofing concrete block structures

The AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® inspection service

Why Property Managers rely upon AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing®

When it comes to resolving basement leaks, parking garage leaks, or other underground waterproofing issues, AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® is the waterproofing contractor of choice for many Property Managers. Over the years, Property Managers have come to rely on us to provide advice as well as accurate estimates and honest, no-nonsense, wet basement and concrete repair solutions.

Listed below are some of the reasons why property managers rely on AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® when faced with basement water infiltration problems at the properties they manage:

1. We respond quickly to requests for site inspections and estimates, and we'll inform you if we find other issues you need to address;

2. We are professional in our demeanor and respect appointment times;

3. We provide the best customer service among waterproofing contractors;

4. We only send experienced fully trained technicians to evaluate a problem at no cost to you;

5. We offer competitive pricing;

6. Our work is always done professionally by skilled technicians;

7. We can work outside of normal business hours so that your clients don't need to take time off of work;

8. We can coordinate appointments directly with your customers or through you;

9. We provide written transferable warranties; and

10. Condo Board approval is seldom required for many repairs as the cost is often less than $500.00.

The Bottom Line: When you send a true professional to your client's property you look good. As your business partner we know that you value your reputation and we have the outstanding customer service that will ensure that you'll receive fewer calls from Condo owners, Board Members, and property maintenance staff; as a result, you'll have fewer headaches.

Property Manager Tip:

If your current waterproofing contractor recommends weeping tile replacement, contact us first. We frequently determine that such recommendations are the result of improperly diagnosed problems. We are in business to get and retain your business and we give you all the support you need.

We are often called upon to provide reports of our findings that we guarantee will make sense and will be easy for you to sell to the members of the Condominium Corporation Boards that you service.

To find out more about residential basement waterproofing we invite you to visit the Residential and Resource Center sections of our website.