The Realtor and Waterproofing Contractor Partnership

As a Realtor you know how difficult it can be to complete a deal when a home inspection has identified basement cracks or dampness problems, or when a prospective purchaser is concerned about the foundation of the home on which they would like to make an offer. Being knowledgeable about the significance of basement cracks, moisture, and dampness and having access to a Waterproofing Contractor that you can rely upon will reduce much of the stress associated with basement leak and waterproofing related issues during negotiations, and in communicating with your clients.

Basement leaks and cracks can be found in virtually every home; like you, we too are involved in real estate transactions:

1. When sellers prepare to sell their home;

2. After a home inspection report mentions the presence of basement leaks, dampness, foundation cracks and mould; and

3. After the deal has closed when buyers discover they have a leaky basement.

The Realtor Support Centre was specifically created to provide Realtors and Real Estate Agents with all necessary basement waterproofing information and resources in a single location on the internet.


Realtor Education Hyperlinks

There is no doubt that knowledge is power. We know that you are busy and need information immediately when faced with problems; the following list of hyperlinks was included to provide you with rapid access to reference information specific to your needs. We recommend that you share them with your clients and increase traffic to your own website by adding some or all of these hyperlinks to it:

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The AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® foundation inspection service

Realtor Tips

Recommendations when listing a property:

When listing a property, we recommend that you personally inspect the bottom 2 feet along the interior basement walls for cracks, leaks and signs of water damage (such as moldy drywall, stained baseboards, stained panelling and wet or discoloured carpeting); foundation cracks are usually easy to spot if you simply do an exterior walkaround of the foundation. Carrying out this inspection gives you the opportunity to apprise your client(s) about likely home inspection issues and you have an opportunity to convince your clients to have the repairs carried out before the home is put on the market. The early identification of potential basement issues should motivate the sellers to address the issues prior to showing the home; decreasing the likelihood that the deal will fall through after the home inspection, and it is less likely that you will have to offer to pay for waterproofing repairs to help your clients get closer to their asking price.

Regrettably, some home sellers do not disclose active basement leaks: some claim that they have never noticed any leaks, or they claim that all waterproofing problems have been resolved. Since most warranties on waterproofing work are transferable and will be requested by the purchasers, ensure that you obtain the warranty document(s) from the seller(s) upfront so that you can ascertain that professional repairs were indeed completed and the scope of the waterproofing work can be confirmed. By addressing wet basement problems prior to listing or showing the property, you avoid embarrassment and disappointment when interested buyers discover basement leaks and/or cracks and decide to walk away from the deal. You also avoid extending the home's time on the market in order to have the requisite repairs carried out. Finally, you have an opportunity to ensure that the home will successfully pass a rigorous inspection.

Note: If you are listing a property with a concrete block foundation (typical of many homes built between 1950 and 1975), a truly professional home inspector will almost certainly report that there is evidence of basement moisture and/or damp basement walls; the increasing use of moisture meters among home inspectors pretty much guarantees that this will happen. To avoid the stress attributable to purchaser concerns about a leaky or cracked basement, call us in to conduct a foundation inspection prior to showing the home. Of lower cost than a regular home inspection, this is money well spent as such an inspection will reveal basement moisture issues and ensure that there will be no surprises in the home inspection report concerning the basement, and, if applicable, you will already have a waterproofing repair estimate to use during price negotiations.

Home Inspections:

Home inspectors often provide an estimated cost of waterproofing repairs to purchasers; in some cases the estimates provided are excessive or unrealistic. This can result in big problems because an incorrect repair cost estimate can frighten purchasers, causing them to back out of the deal, or the offered price will be lowered too much due to an inflated repair cost. To combat this, call us to schedule a foundation inspection to obtain an accurate assessment of the problem and the real cost of repairs.

Why Realtors rely upon AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing®

Many Realtors rely on us to provide advice as well as accurate estimates and honest, no-nonsense, wet basement repair solutions.

Here are some of the primary reasons why Realtors call upon AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® when dealing with basement waterproofing and repair issues:

1. We respond quickly to requests for inspections and estimates;

2. We are professional in our demeanor and respect appointment times;

3. We use state-of-the-art moisture detection technologies and accredited basement waterproofing methods;

4. We provide outstanding customer service and competitive pricing;

5. Our work is always done by skilled, professional technicians;

6. We carry commercial liability insurance and our employees have WSIB coverage;

7. We can deal directly with your customers to save you time, or we can deal with you exclusively if that is your preference;

8. We provide written transferable warranties that have always been acceptable to purchasers; and

9. Our content rich website provides a great way for you to provide your clients with a source of credible information regarding basement cracks and leaks.

The Bottom Line: When you refer a true professional to your client(s) you look good. As your business partner we are very much aware that your reputation and referrals are the cornerstone of your business as referrals are also the cornerstone of our business. We will make sure that we make a very positive impression on your clients.


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The AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® service offering

Since we specialize in the diagnosis and repair of foundation water infiltration problems, we have the experience required to accurately determine the exact source of any leak and the skills and techniques required to correct the problem the first time. Our basement waterproofing and leak repair services are as follows:

1. Injection
   o Crack injection;
   o Other injection applications:
    1. Leaking tie-rod holes;
    2. Leaking snap rods;
    3. Leaking I-beam pockets;
    4. Leaking penetrations through foundation walls for electrical conduits, gas lines, air conditioning lines and pipes;
    5. Expansion joints;
    6. Honeycombing;
    7. Seams created by a cold pour;
    8. Gaps beneath the window frame and the top of the concrete wall cut-out.
2. External waterproofing;
3. Internal de-watering / interior perimeter drain systems;
4. Sump pump installation;
5. Foundation wall reinforcement;
6. Window well drain installation;
7. Thermal imaging and leak detection; and
8. General foundation inspection and reporting.

Need our help? Contact us; we would be pleased to answer your questions, provide advice, and even email you written quotes for straightforward waterproofing work identified during a home inspection.