If you are a contractor that specializes in finishing basements or other types of jobs where you encounter basement leaks, foundation cracks, damp cinder block foundation walls, or there is evidence of water infiltration in a basement, AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® is your waterproofing contractor of choice. Consulting Engineers, Property Managers and Construction companies have entrusted us to provide the highest quality waterproofing services for many years now.

Why contractors rely on us for basement waterproofing:

  • We respond quickly to requests for site inspections and estimates;
  • We offer the full range of professional wet basement repair solutions, as well as leak repairs for virtually all concrete structures;
  • We are professional in our demeanor and respect appointment times;
  • We provide outstanding customer service;
  • We offer competitive pricing;
  • Our work is always done only by skilled, professional technicians;
  • When required we can schedule our work outside of normal business hours so that your work is not interrupted;
  • We carry commercial liability insurance and our employees have WSIB coverage;
  • We can deal directly with your customers or with you directly; and
  • We provide written transferable warranties.

The Bottom Line: We always make you look good as we recognize that your reputation and referrals are the cornerstone of your business.

Since we specialize in the diagnosis and repair of foundation water infiltration problems, we have the experience required to accurately determine the exact source of the leak and the skills and techniques required to correct the problem the first time.

Basement waterproofing / foundation repair services:

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Contractor Tips

Contractor Tip #1:

Before you start to frame the basement walls, make sure that you inspect for cracks, leaks and signs of basement water infiltration. Whenever you encounter staining on foundation walls, you must establish the reason why this staining is present. If you are unsure, contact us. By addressing water infiltration problems at an early stage, you avoid potential rework when the walls are closed and you avoid being blamed for failing to notify your clients concerning potential problems. Your clients will know that you are a true professional and thank you for the opportunity to prevent future basement leaks; once again, you look good in the eyes of your customer.

Contractor Tip #2:

When you are pricing a basement finishing job or renovations you must allocate some budget towards the cost of basement waterproofing related work. We recommend a minimum of $1000.00 for poured concrete foundations and $3000.00 for concrete block or cinder block foundations. If you believe that waterproofing will be needed as you prepare your quote, call us and we'll conduct an inspection and firm up the price of waterproofing for you.

To learn more about residential basement waterproofing and related issues, checkout the Residential Waterproofing section of this website.