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Waterproofing Contractors - What you need to know


For many people, choosing the right waterproofing contractor to do basement waterproofing because they found water in their basement is a daunting task. In fact, hiring a contractor for any project strikes fear in the hearts of most people because many people have either had a bad experience personally, or heard a horror story about a contractor from a friend or acquaintance.


What is a Waterproofing Contractor?

A waterproofing contractor is a company that specializes in basement waterproofing (they are also referred to as basement waterproofing contractors). A full-service waterproofing contractor will offer all basement waterproofing methods. In general, the basement waterproofing methods are external excavation and waterproofing, window well drain installation, external crack repair, interior weeping tile system installation, sump pump installation and injection services. Click on the following hyperlink for a tabular listing of all basement waterproofing methods.

Risks in Hiring a General Contractor to Waterproof Your Basement

While waterproofing contractors specialize in basement waterproofing, many general contractors will also offer basement waterproofing services to clients who report they have water in their basements. For these general contractors, basement waterproofing is an add-on service that they offer when the opportunity presents itself. Because these general contractors do not specialize in basement waterproofing but are already on-site, they may offer lower pricing to waterproof your basement than the marjority of waterproofing contractors.

While the prospect of saving money is attractive to most people, hiring a generalist to do the job of a specialist entails a significant risk that the waterproofing of your basement will be done incorrectly and/or inadequately. To make things worse, often those who decide to go with the less expensive and "convenient" contractor often discover, to their dismay, that the warranty they were given (if they have one at all) is not worth the paper on which it was written.

If you are a homeowner that is genuinely interested in hiring an expert to waterproof your basement then you really should only deal with a bona fide waterproofing contractor. In addition to the risks already mentioned, here are a few analogies to ponder:

  1. An experienced surgeon and a specialized plastic surgeon both do surgeries; if you were to undergo plastic surgery, would you choose the specialist or the generalist?
  2. A dental surgeon and an orthodontist are intimately familiar with both surgery and facial anatomy; again, does their field of specialization matter?

A very easy way of verifying if any given contractor is a genuine foundation waterproofing contractor is to simply look up their company name with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and confirm that the type of business is classified as “waterproofing contractors”. If the contractor you are considering is not listed, it is because basement waterproofing is not their primary line of business. 

Waterproofing contractors – how to differentiate between them?

Once you have decided that you will get your basement waterproofing work done by a waterproofing contractor, you will then have to decide which contractor is the best one for you. Some of the considerations are as follows: 

  1. Does the waterproofing contractor who you are considering offer the full range of wet basement solutions? This is relevant because contractors offering all common wet basement solutions are more likely to offer you alternative basement waterproofing repair methods which can save you money.
  2. There are some very large basement waterproofing companies who only sell proprietary solutions. Clearly, a company solely focused on selling their proprietary solution will not present you with the full range of available basement waterproofing methods, thus limiting your options. This is not in your interest because you may end up spending considerably more money than you otherwise would with a contractor who offers the full range of wet basement solutions. Furthermore, the proprietary solution may not be the best/optimal solution for your particular situation.

The top waterproofing contractors in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) not only provide basement waterproofing services, but other related services as well. These services typically include foundation inspections when you are contemplating finishing your basement, foundation inspections either prior to or after the sale of your home, and leak detection.

The FREE Tip Sheet that we are offering was designed to arm you with pertinent information on how to choose the right waterproofing contractor. If you are too busy or otherwise not inclined to do your own research on the various basement waterproofing methods and the multiple waterproofing companies who offer them, simply contact us. You’ll see how easy it is to make your wet basement a thing of the past!



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