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Posted by Luc Gerber on Wed, Dec 21, 2011 @ 01:56 PM

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When researching foundation repair methods it is important to take into account that foundation repair is broken down into two main categories:

  1. Foundation Waterproofing; and
  2. Structural Foundation Repair

As the nature of the work associated with these two foundation repair categories is dramatically different, we have addressed them separately.

Waterproofing Foundation Repair

There are usually two or more waterproofing foundation repair methods for any foundation leak and these waterproofing methods are dictated by the foundation type that needs to be repaired. The common residential foundation types found throughout Ontario are: poured concrete, concrete block or cinder block, and stone. 

While the appropriate foundation waterproofing repair methods are dictated by foundation type, some foundation repair methods, such as external excavation and waterproofing and interior weeping tile systems, are universal. The hyperlink below links to a comprehensive table that details the available basement leak repair options, and their applications, for each foundation type, as well as the relative cost of each foundation repair method.

Basement Waterproofing Repair Methods

Structural Foundation Repair

Structural foundation repair methods are used to resolve foundation issues such as:

  • Structural foundation cracks;
  • Foundation settlement;
  • Bowed walls;
  • Dealing with unstable soils; and
  • Stabilizing foundation walls.

Structural Foundation Repari Methods

Structural foundation repair methods include:

  • Crack stabilization using carbon fibre staples;

Carbon Fibre Crack Stabilization

  • Wall straightening and foundation reinforcement with carbon kevlar reinforcing straps;

Block wall reinforcement using carbon kevlar straps

  • Foundation wall stabilization using beams and anchors; and
  • Foundation underpinning. The associated foundation repair methods involve the use of underpinning systems such as:
      • Drilled piers;
      • Push piers;
      • Steel helical piling; and
      • Segmented concrete piling.

For more detailed information we recommend that you read the article below, available by clicking on the following hyperlink:

Fixing Failing Poured Wall Foundations - by Melissa Morton 


If there is one important take away from this article it is that the selected foundation repair method must be appropriate to the foundation problem that needs to be addressed. While some readers may be of the opinion that we are stating the obvious, we know that many homeowners sign multi $1000 contracts for foundation repair methods which are far in excess of what is actually required. Consequently, people frequently pay too much for foundation repairs.

No foundation repair method should be proposed until the problem requiring resolution has been ascertained. For a professional assessment of your foundation repair needs contact us.


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