Basement leaks need the attention of a specialist!

When you discover a crack in your foundation, a wet carpet, damaged laminate flooring or mold on your drywall, it makes sense that you would want a professional opinion on how best to fix the problem. Homeowners that take pride in their home rely on AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® for experience and proven solutions for repairing basement leaks and cracks in newer and older homes alike

AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® is based in Oakville and has provided basement waterproofing and leak repair services in Mississauga since 2002.

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Basement foundation crack leak repairs

99% of the time a foundation crack is nothing to worry about; this is because concrete cracking is a normal occurrence. Crack widths in the 1-2mm range are very common and easily fixed.

Most cracks in poured concrete foundations (used for most homes built since the late 1970s) are typically caused by concrete shrinkage as concrete cures. These cracks are usually fixed from inside at low cost by injecting resins into the crack under pressure; thus eliminating the crack. Another approach is to excavate the foundation on the exterior at the crack location and cover the crack with a waterproof  barrier; however, this is more destructive and much more expensive.

Our waterproofing work is guaranteed for 25 years!

Check out our Introduction to poured concrete foundation waterproofing page for more information on poured concrete foundation leak repair methods.

Concrete block foundation leak repairs

The presence of cracks in the mortar joints of concrete block / cinderblock foundations is normal and typically the result of fatigue from pressure applied to the foundation from expanding and contracting soil around the home.

Cracking in concrete block foundations allows water to enter the hollow blocks and drain down to the lowest course(s) of block from which water eventually seeps into your basement. For this link for more information on fixing concrete block foundation leaks

Follow this link for information about other types of basement leaks

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